Green Screen Photography


Green Screen Photography offers Green Screen photos at professional large and small events for corporate or private events. GSP delivers instant prints on location. Yes, we print on location using some of the industry's best equipment to give our clients top quality photos. Our printers print 4x6 photos in 8 seconds. We offer Branded photos and customize design backgrounds and templates for our clients.

Green Screen Photography handles events on all scales. PIM has done multi-city tours for Kia, Mazda, Toyota, Verizon, American Express, and many more. PIM has worked multi-city tours closely with some clients for over 8 years providing our services at Indy and NASCAR races nationwide.

What is Green Screen Photography?

Green Screen Photography is when you shoot your subject in front of a green backdrop and then the computer software takes out all the green in the photo. From there you can add any kind of background behind or in front of the person we just took. The computer software will automatically merge the two images together creating one great fantasy photo. With our system the whole process in under 30 seconds.


Instant Photography

Yes, GSP Offers print onsite Photography. That means we bring our mobile equipment to you. We have the industry’s best printers to produce high quality prints onsite anywhere. Our printers print a 4x6 print in less then 6.6 seconds.


Green Screen Karaoke Photography

We have a book of 100’s of digital backgrounds your guest may choose from just like Karaoke. Your guest flips through the book of backgrounds and once they have made their choice, your guest tells the Photography the background number, Pose, Snap, Flash and we will print the fantasy photo with your guest in the background they selected.


Theme Events or Parties!

Green Screen is a great option. Let us put your guest in a themed scene at your event. Movies, Magazines, Red Carpet, Concerts, Exotic Places, and Famous People, Options are endless with Green Screen Photography


Celebrity Meet and Greet

Digital Photo is great for meet and greets. People love photos with celebrities. Our onsite photo is great way your guest can take their meet and greet memories home. Green Screen is also a great option at meet and greets. If your celebrity is to busy to take the photos we could use Green Screen Technology and put your guest with the celebrity without the celebrity present.




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